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 Devitrification of quartz glass refers to a change from a semi-stable glass to a crystallized stable cristobalite. This phenomenon occurs when quartz glass is … [details]

 1.Visible light transmittance up to 99%, more than 95% on average, a substantial increase in LCD, PDP original brightness, reducing energy consumption. 2. Avera… [details]

 The purities of fused quartz and fused silica are outstandingly high. The most common impurities are metals (such as Al, Na and Fe among others), water (pre… [details]

 1. Good thermal conductivity, rapid heating: heating speed is 2-4 times of ordinary metal heating tube. High temperature resistant: can be used under 1100 DEG… [details]

 Quartz glass is the main material of the new modern science and technology. It has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, high temperature resistance, e… [details]