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Transparent Quartz Plate

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Quartz glass has a very high dielectric strength but a very low electric conductivity, even at high temperature, high voltage and high frequency, nearly without electric loss in the range of the frequencies applied. Therefore quartz glass is an excellent high temperature dielectric material.
Far ultraviolet optical quartz glass (Synthetic quartz glass): Using wave band from 185nm to 2500nm. There isn't absorbent peak within this range. UV transmission is more than 80% at 185nm (JGS1).
Ultraviolet optical quartz glass: Using wave band from 220nm to 2500nm. There is absorbent peak at 2730nm (JGS2).
Infrared optical quartz glass: Using wave band from 260nm to 3500nm (JGS3).
Opaque Quartz helps to save energy in high temperature systems by reducing energy loss through reflection (Heraeus OM100 type).
Length: 10--2000mm  
Width: 10--800mm   
Thickness: 0.5--50mm
Specifications can be made by the requirements of customers.
Packing: Carton+ wooden case.

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