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Gilded quartz heating lamps

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Gilded quartz heating lamps (Gold plated medium wave infrared heater) are made from high purity transparent quartz tube. Gold plated exterior lamp coatings, this special coating can filter dazzle lamp issue, but did not block the entire infrared heat radiated.  Compared with the transparent lamp and ruby lamp infrared light, visible glare due to be filtered out, the gold lamp is especially suitable for indoor or outdoor heating and workplace of heating & drying process. Using Fe-Cr-Al or Ni-Cr resistance wire as the heating body, maximum operating temperature up to 900 DEG C, the average service life is 20000 hours.
heating industry: coating, printing and dyeing, food, electronics, medicine, textile, wood, paper, plastics, automotive, furniture, footwear, metal, heat treatment, packaging machinery, paperboard, printed circuit board, leather, rubber, oil, ceramics and so on.