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Infrared heating lamp

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Infrared heating lamp is composed of tungsten coat quartz lamp light source with high power supply startup. The light source is a halogen tungsten lamp series, the wavelength range of 0.76-5 m, the peak wavelength of 4 m, a short wave infrared heating source, is a kind of high efficient. When the temperature reaches 2500K, the maximum output of the infrared spectra, some with a reflection layer and a tungsten filament, the filament support, to prevent sagging, has the advantages of high efficiency, fast heat transfer. The control device has sensitive response, compact structure, light weight and so on, the lighting position can be horizontal or at any position.
For rubber, plastics, can be glass, printed circuit board, car body, metal, casting, leather, food and other materials for heating, drying, evaporation, softening, hardening, molding, activation, laminated, disinfection, roasting processing; which can be cured of all kinds of powder coatings, water-based paint, primer, coat, paint and dye, ink, film, glazing, paste, viscose, adhesives and so on.
Infrared ray bulb: Power of 100W, 150W, 250W, 275W, 375W
Infrared lamp: Power of 300W----8000W,Length: 200-2000mm.
Specifications can be made by the requirements of customers.