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UV curing lamps

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Strong ultraviolet high-pressure mercury lamp (the UV light) from high-quality pipes made of pure quartz, so that ultraviolet light can be a high level and a large amount of penetration, its arc length / light-emitting length may range from 5-300 cm, common power for each cm 30W to 200W, ultra-high-power UV lamps typically 200W per centimeter or more operations, the effective range of the light spectrum between 350-450nm, the main peak of 365nm, there are more than 700 varieties of power from 100w-25kw.UV light Life generally refers to its able to maintain enough energy to operate the time, during which the gradual attenuation of its energy below the acceptable range of up to date, the general standard UV lamps can be enough UV radiation energy of 800-1,000 hours.
UV Inkjet Printer, bamboo flooring, furniture, decoration materials, printing, plastic, tin can painting, signage, circuit boards, optical disc industry; ideal light source is a semiconductor, electronic components, such as liquid crystal display adhesive curing.