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Synthetic fused quartz tube

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Fused quartz made from natural raw material discolors upon prolonged irradiation by high energy radiation (such as short UV, x-rays, gamma rays and neutrons). Resistance to this type of solarization increases with the purity of fused quartz. Hence, synthetic fused silica is highly resistant to solarization. Synthetic quartz tube is a fully synthetic fused material. The tubes have an improved transmission and a significantly improved life-time compared to natural quartz glass tubes. It supports a high UV output over a very long operation time. Synthetic quartz tubes provide highest reliability for your products and lower operational costs. It's high purity, high UV transmission and high resistance to short-wave UV radiation. (Heraeus Suprasil 130 type)
Products are widely used in ozone generation, grease destruction, disinfection and purification, production of ultra pure water, 185 nm low pressure lamps, medium pressure lamps for deep UV, long life-sleeves for deep UV.