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Coated Quartz Glass

Writer:World Quartz  Date: 2014-10-24 16:55:25


AR coating glass
Anti-reflection glass also known as increasing transmission glass or less reflective glass. The glass surface is a special treatment to increase the light transmittance of glasses. The principle is the interference effect generated by different optical material film to eliminate the incident light and reflected light, so as to improve the transmittance method, a single-sided or double-sided two process.
AR glass has high transmittance and low reflectivity. In a peak transmittance can reach 99%, reflectivity of <1%. AR coating antireflection glass and ordinary glass compared with lower reflection than ordinary glass, in the visible range, unilateral reflectivity about spectral reflectance 4%. total of about 8%.
Mainly used in display devices such as LCD TV, PDP protection screen TV, laptop computer, desktop computer display screen, high-grade instrument panel, touch screen, glass photo frame to improve the transmittance decreases the reflectivity of the electronic products.

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