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Ruby heat lamps

Writer:World Quartz  Date: 2014-10-25 11:08:34


Ruby quartz tube has UV filter function. The radiated light and soft, not to hurt the eyes. At high heating efficiency, can be more than 90% of the electrical energy into the infrared radiation. Near infrared radiation, strong penetrating power, direct heating objects, without heating the surrounding medium. At high starting speed, 3 seconds can achieve 100% power output, and the cooling rapidly. Easy and accurate to control, according to the need of 0-100% arbitrary power regulation.
Long service life
convenient installation
maintenance and use of lower cost
safety, no pollution, green environmental protection
drying; sauna, ovens, heaters, PET bottle blowing, plastic shaping, baking softening; paper; printing, printing machinery; food heating and heat preservation; the circuit board, semiconductor production etc.